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New rewards AGAIN available only for Eu (excludding Rus possibly) / US? (really asking, unsure but so it seems to me)

New rewards AGAIN available only for Eu (excluding Rus possibly) / US?

My area having only that hardware for 80k points?

Seriously... I really hoped this time, waited for the new rewards. Please tell me if I am wrong.

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Unfortunately, we were in contact heavily with Perfect World this time and Israel was not mentioned as a country that would see the rewards. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I guess my not so calmed response was filtered, so trying again calmly (sorry about that).
I totally understand it's not raptr's fault (though I had my comments regarding this marketing model before so Verun knows my opinion and despite my hopes in a way I anticipated this might happen,) and that raptr did their best to help us (and also specifically me, yes).
I appreciate this try.

Know that my recent reaction was not sharp because of a specific reward, and not meant against raptr at all, it's something I'll have to phrase an explanation for later if ever applicable while approaching this issue again (see bellow).

Still, acting according to a good advice I've got from a friend in that regard, I intend to try approaching PWE/Cryptic myself later regarding this issue (checking exact state/reasons/possibly making awareness/maybe together finding ways of changing maybe) if I only can.
From the answer I didn't fully understand yet if other countries are passively simply non white listed (and not by an active awareness/deed, only by ignoring mail etc or something "falling between the chairs" between different PWE departments so to speak, or maybe simply by some kind of a misconception about the players' population preferred playing languages/servers etc or approaches to game localization) or if it meant to serve as a black listing knowingly (if practically silently). If it's one of the former there may be ways to change it if it's the later the state is different in my eyes but I'd still like to know and more wisely decide.

Complaining without trying to better check and/or change the situation may lead to nothing, hence I will do my best to do my part. I know raptr tried for us, but maybe there is still something which could be done in this regard, especially by one who knows which playing/server languages are preferred here, wants to change things and who may approach either or both PWE support and forum as applicable.

Thank you Verun for trying to help in the past, now it seems it's my (or possibly other affected ones') turn to try if something possibly still could be done before I completely give up.

Every post gets filtered before getting posted, so don't worry about that. 

If you'd like to reach out to PWE, then you're more than welcome. 

I stated the reasoning in another post you made as well. We'll stay in contact with them and see if anything changes.

Just to notify that the new BLR / raptor codes meant for Eu show now on the reward page, even though old PWE ones do not.
I didn't try to buy things yet (I don't own this game) but this seems to be a refreshing approach, thank you :)
Maybe it means future rewards for PWE can be like that too, one day. (This I don't know)

The bottom line: new rewards are seemingly available now, (even if I can't use those yet) thank you :)


@Saya_O - Yep! Although PWE and BLR both had restrictions, they had different restrictions. We confirmed multiple times the regions before placing them appropriately. So what you see is very accurate to what you're able to get.