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League of Legends cannot support by amd gaming evolved

PLEASE fix the league of legend to let raptr can optimize the game =)

thx =)

Or someone help me fix it

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League of Legends optimization should be working. 

Have you gone into the game and changed the video settings?

i have same problem, im from PH server

@markyberal - Can you provide the installation path for the exe and for the launcher for your PH Garena League of Legends?

Like this? sorry im a newbie

It's okay. In that same directory, can you check to see if "Lolclient.exe" or "League of Legends.exe" is inside the "Game" folder?

all files inside the "game" folder,

430 KB

Thanks, I'll have them take a look!

We just made a correction for the PH Garena LoL. Would you mind checking it again?

i also cant optimize my league of legend, also from PH server, we're using garena here.

cant also optimize league of legend, also from PH server. done changing video settings also, 

@soulgust - We don't have optimization for League of Legends Garena.