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update has ruined my recording experiance

where to start...

i am extremely disappointed by the new update. to begin with, now when i launch CS:GO, and raptr is open (and vice versa) raptr control center closes down and once CS:GO is shut off, it opens back up. Another problem is that when CS:GO is open and with any game, the usual 'press F8' to record overlay is gone. now i cannot tell how long i am recording for as when i was experimenting, it said i had been recording for 9 minutes once i shut off CO:GO. my main and most serious problem is that i logged into with my raptr account as i thought all my old videos had been deleted and after about 10 minutes of being logged in, it UPLOADED ONE OF MY RANDOM VIDEOS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!. I do have to say, i used to love raptr before it became what ever it is classed as now since I could record a video then view it in then click open in folder and add it to a video i was making. It seems there is no way to revert back to the older update. i know alot of people in the raptr community feel the same as I, but what has been done in my honest opinion has made me dislike raptr and i doubt you will revert back or change to a similar style as before as you have to evolve the program (no pun intended) but I hope this is took into consideration.


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I appreciate you letting us know your feedback. I did notice a few points I can help shed some light on though.

  • Client Opening Back-up after Gameplay: There is a current bug right now where the option in the Preference is not preventing it from opening. We're aware of it and will have it fixed in the next client update more than likely.
  • Record Overlay: There is a current bug where the CS:GO recording overlay is not appearing. We are also working to have this fixed in the next client update.
  • Uploading a Video without Consent: This I kind of find hard to believe as I have no idea how it would do that. Do you have a link to the video in question? I'd like to investigate this particular problem.
Either way, as mentioned, I still appreciate your feedback. If you have anything more, feel free and let me know and I can help relay some information on what's intended vs what's a bug. Thanks!

the video uploaded was an old video, maybe 5-8 months old. its a random clip of CS:GO. i log into via raptr and i go to my profile on and there is a video. i did NOT click the video or if i somehow did it uploaded with one click. i'm not sure how this happened but i saw what i saw.

So did you delete the video?

I don't see anything on your profile.