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New Update Break Recording?

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem I am?


So before the new update came out for this, recording was amazing with this app, honestly sound and video were amazing. But after I have noticed all my sounds skip/jump and don't sync, but also the framerate looks choppy, whereas before this everything was fine and working with no problems... So I adjusted my settings because well thats what you do in the beginning but nothing has worked for me?


Any help for this would be great since I have no idea what is causing this. I liked how things were. :/

Thanks for the help.


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Is it being choppy after you upload, or are even the core files skipping?

If it's the core files, it could be incorrectly doing Software Encoding.

If it's just after upload, it is due to the "Optimize videos for upload and share" being enabled.

It is the core files. :/

Yeah it seems like it wasn't installed correctly. xD Thank you, just a removal of Raptr and seemed to fix it. :)

Glad to hear it. Let me know if any other problems arise!

Seems like I can't record intensive games anymore like Battlefield or ArmA III above a solid 30 fps when I have this running. :/

Is the game itself having issues when playing, or is it just the recording that is laggy? That kind of sounds like it's being affected by Software Encoding. 

What type of GPU/video card are you using?

It's the game itself.. :/ But I used to be able to run the game without any lag Although ArmA lags anyhow, but battlefield is fine and well the Division sucks for recording. :/ 

I am running 2x R9 290'S

And the CPU is  AMD fx 9590.

@bloodshotpico - And it used to run fine?

We've seen some drop in FPS with Crossfire machines, so it could be that, but it doesn't explain why it used to work fine. 

Have you created a ticket about this?