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Hola yo vivo en Perú, yo no soy la gestión para cambiar mi correo electrónico, porque puse el mal, que me puede cambiar, mi correo electrónico es ahora (, que desea cambiar a (liz_1963 @ gmail. com), Gracias

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Sólo para confirmar antes de hacer el cambio, desea que su correo electrónico ha cambiado a Debido a su correo electrónico ya es Hágamelo saber y voy a cambiar por ti.


Just to confirm before I make the change, you want your email changed to Because your email is already Let me know and I'll change it for you.

Greetings friends AMD Gaming Evolved, I am writing to request your help with Raptr because I realized I can not change my e-mail I actually appears at the top of a yellow strip that tells me what sig: "For additional security, we require you to authorize this location. you'll need to check your email before you will Have full access to Raptr. [Send email] "I click to send me the e-mail confirmation and never comes to my mail, even when trying to change any option in my account I get a message "You can not change account settings at This time. Please contact support." Please help, thanks and see you later.

Hi there.

In your last message to us, you gave us two different e-mails and the responding agent asked you to confirm that you would like us to change. It turns out that both e-mail addresses mentioned are associated with two different Raptr accounts. To avoid sharing more account information here in the forum and any confusion, please send us an e-mail directly at explaining what exactly you would like done on these accounts. Thank you.

I don't have access to e-mail which I used when registered Raptr account. How can I change e-mail in my settings, if it says "For additional security, we require you to authorize this location. You’ll need to check your email before you will have full access to Raptr. [Send Email]" ???

 For account specific issues, please e-mail us directly at or create a support ticket. Be sure to include username, confirm what the existing e-mail is on the account and include the e-mail you would like to change to. Thank you.