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Recording Highlight doesn't work

The old Raptr software worked great, pressing Ctrl / saved the last 10 minutes.  Used it for years.  Since the upgrade to I get the following error when I try to capture a 10 minute Highlight: "Please Turn on Video Capture to save a highlight".

Video Capture was turned on.  It was then disables itself after loading my game.  Then I Alt-Tab and try to turn it on, but the screen grays out.  Non-responsive after that.  

What is going on?  If you provide an email I can upload screenshots.

I just want to save the last 10 minutes of my game after pressing a hotkey.  Very simple function but it does not work.

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Which game are you trying to record?

It's probably just another issue in regards to detecting hardware correctly. 

More than likely we'll have to have you send in a ticket with logs.