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Does Raptr share my registration email address with third partys?

I recently received a spam email from sapphire on an account that they didn't have and I'm trying to track down where they got it from. So far the only obvious link to anything AMD/ATI related would be raptr/gaming evolved.

If raptr is sharing my email addy with third parties, where can I turn that off, and if it's not possible to turn it off, how do I get all of my registration information removed from your servers?

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Thanks for letting us know about this.

We do not share user's emails, or sell them to 3rd parties. I'm not aware of any Sapphire company, or any spam they would send. If you're not using your account, we can have it changed if you'd like for security purposes if that would make you feel better.

Let us know what you would like to do.

No action required. I'm willing to take your statement of not sharing registration email addresses with third parties at face value (couldn't find a statement addressing the question on the website).

As far as Sapphire goes... they're AMD/ATIs primary OEM partner for graphics cards and they only do ATI brands thus my focus on AMD/ATI sources for them having gotten my email address.

Thanks for your swift response, and we can consider my question answered.

Sounds good. Feel free and let us know if you have any other questions or issues arise.