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Feature Remove Request

Is there a way that you can stream line the UI?  If I am to be stuck using PLays (I still hate it),  Will you allow the end user to remove the screen that shown all the videos that have been uploaded to the website.  I Just want to use this to AUTO record the games I play.  Not look at games like CS:GO or LOL.  That was one feature that The old version had that this does not.  It didnt advertise those two games.  It is nice that you are working on improving your software,  But for the love of god dont just listen to one group of people

The attached image is a screen cap of the type of stuff I DO NOT want to see.  As this one one of the reasons I stopped using this in the first place.

Let alone that I have to "Login" to another piece of software to do something that was working fine prior to the LOL and CS:GO bookmarking update, That feature would be great if you would do it on all games.  Not just the two that pay you to do what they say.

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What would you like to see instead of the Explore page?

Any video you click on will change the Explore page to a video you recorded. However, any advice would be great. 

I want to say for Raptr that you used to have to log into your account to upload as well, you can also login with your Raptr account.

CSGO and LoL automatic pins and match data are available due to the API's provided by the companies that created them. For any other game, you can manually set pins by hitting a hotkey which you can then review later. 

What other games would you want to see the pins and match data in?

Personally,  I would like to see a way to remove the pane all together,  I still dont login to plays to "Share" videos as I keep them for youtube. So a minimal option that shows nothing but a control panel for the recording would be nice.   Then add in the game time tracking from Raptr and this would be perfect.  

But the minimal UI would be a great start.

Hmm okay, I see what you mean. Would you want the option to be more obvious (like on the Gallery page) or something in the Preferences?

For the minimal option, are you thinking of something more like a widget, or a re-done version of the Preference > General window?

You can actually use and record gameplay without logging in, just can't upload through the client.

I wish I could edit my posts.......  

Here are the games I play (That are supported by plays/raptr) 

Some thing like this would be great,  with an option to enable or disable it in the preferences.