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Post to get the old Raptr back

It seems to me that most of the posts here art to complain about features of Playstv.  And that bothers me.  These developers have worked hard on the software.  And while they have not been listening to a word we have been saying,  they have infact been fixing some bugs.  Like the one that FORCE installs Plays after you uninstall it.  last time I checked that makes it Malware.  The inability to set your settings and have them be remembered.  Those I have seen a lot in the posts.  

If you want the old Raptr back,  Please post a comment to this thread.  Maybe as a group we will be able to make the point.

P.S. This post has been saved and will be reposted upon deletion.  

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@obscurespace - Hey obscurespace! Besides the "Explore" page and logging into, what other features do you not like about

First,  I hate change

Second The fact that it is a second application

Third,  Dont cram crap down my throat.  If I want to see CS;GO or LOL I will search it on youtube.

Fourth When you release a program you make sure that the program works properly prior to release.

Fifth  When you offer a product that is so geared to one group of people

I had one more but you can tell I am salty

Agree. This program can't even record at a constant 60 FPS. HORRIBLE. Uninstalling this crap!

@flowbx - We record using variable framerate, so you are correct that we're not using constant framerate.

And that in turn makes some video's have audio and video sync issues.  Maybe you should put that as an option for people to use.   Personally I Dropped Plays and went back to OBS  to fix my audio issue.

@obscurespace - Were you having the audio/video sync issue just by itself, or was it after uploading the video to an editor?

If it is viewed in plays it works fine,  how ever if I play the Raw video in Windows media player, VLC player or Winamp it tends to be out of sync as much as 10 seconds.  When I use it in LightWorks   or Resolve it will be out up to about the same.  After using Handbrake and setting it to constant frame rate it tends to work fine,  although that fixes it,  I dont like to do 3 or 4 times the work,  to do the same that I have been doing in the past was just import.   

Interesting. That shouldn't be the case with the media players. The editors can make sense though since some do not play well with variable frame-rate. Is the 10 second desync right from the get-go, or does it take time to get that bad? 

@verun why can't an option to record at constant 60fps be integrated ? I've seen many people complain about this.

Right from the Gitgo

@flowbx - Well it's definitely more involved than just flipping a switch to get Constant instead of Variable. Variable tends to work for the majority of users, but we can understand the request for an option. It is possible we could add it in the future.

@obscurespace - Very odd. If you'd like us to take a look we can through a ticket. It could be one of several different things. 

As I have stated before,  I went back to using OBS.  As I am able to do all that I want with it.  The biggest one being the upload to youtube.  I Made my point Very clear that the update to split raptr and plays was not a good one,  and I went out on a limb and tried it.   To upload a clip that was not out of sync to youtube I had to do the following 1.Record footage 2. select clip (or bookmark) 3.process it through plays 4.let it start uploading to plays.  5. Cancel it 6. Find the clip. 7. then upload it to youtube manually.   I posted a long time ago about that but that went un answered.

As for the ticket system,  It took 3 yes Three weeks for anyone to look at the last one I put in.  Why would this be any different.  Therfore,  in the process of elimination,  Plays was, is, and will continue to be, the weakest link.  I Have now voted it off of my PC.

I stated before,  the last set of features that you added,  were aimed at a very small select group,  and as soon as that group  starts playing other games,  Then you will have software that will not fit them again. They will move on as I have.  

Another bug I noticed,  is that if you set the max room for recording to XXXGB and tick the box for unlimited space,  it will only use XXX space.  Way to go, another reason that it sucks.

Yes I did try out the program, and the recording quality was top notch.  If you fixed the rest of the software,  it would be great software.

To those of us that play games at HIGHER than 60FPS,  I dont want frame drop in my videos.  I do not have a toaster (as I am guessing your test bench is) that I cant manage a proper 60fps encode.  OBS can do it, stream it and do replay.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

One software, No hassle.

You have definitely made yourself loud and clear, obscurespace. I can tell you that we do apologize for being late to every ticket that we respond which applies. It's not a matter of us reading it, ignoring it, and then getting back to it later; but more of trying to catch up to ensure that we get the most important issues or those that have waited longer first.

Your ticket involved demanding the old version of Raptr back, which is not in our plans. Ending your tickets with personal criticism of me doesn't help.

If you are happy with OBS than that is absolutely great! It's an awesome piece of software and we do recommend it for those that do want more options, or want to get more involved with higher-end, professional-level recordings. It's also been around for quite some time, so it's had that further polish. has a different niche; it's more meant for easy, quick recordings of games so you can show your friends/followers cool things you did without having to get too deep into recording quality.

If you have uninstalled and are only using OBS, I am completely okay with that. But I'd rather you not constantly scorn our software in forum threads where users are trying to get assistance. I am sorry that you ran across changes and bugs that you are unhappy with; I don't believe that you should have to "deal with it". But I think it is clear that you have made your opinion known on our forums and you can move on. 

More to the point,  as I have said,  I like the quality of the recording, It is fantastic,  It is the little quirks that need ironed out.  I know that I posted two my self and those posts were probably never looked at.  

If my personal criticism bothered you,  I analogize, as I know that I can tend to be very bull headed at times.  I will in the future try to keep my thoughts to the matter at hand.

Yes Plays is simple.  I like it for that reason.  but there is no compatibility that I can use at this time.  No I did not uninstall it,  As I like to see what the updates for it bring.  At some point, in the future, it will be a great program.  Raptr however did get uninstalled. 

I would how ever like to point out that this topic was started by me,  for the sole purpose of trying to get the old version back.  and you have  many times over made it clear that you(the company) have no intention of doing so. The poster that you replied to,  Did in fact state that he was removing the software,  not that he was looking for assistance.