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Rewards for people outside of US/EUR Regions

Now I've had your software installed for a while. No real use to me, unfortunately. I only play a few hours a week, and I do not record my sessions. I also do not need the automatic configuring of my game settings. I have however been seeing my points add up to nearly 28K. I have nothing to spend it on, and feel frustrated. In the digital age, why are there restrictions? A better question perhaps would be, why wouldn't you tell your customers in certain zones (in this instance, anyone outside the holy lands of US and Europe!) that for the first two years, we will NOT have rewards for you? There is certainly a case for this to be labeled lying by omission. 

Now as an unhappy customer, I need answers to the following:

1) When are you putting up rewards for the unwashed peasants living outside US/EUR regions? I need specific time by month here.

2) Will there be variety of rewards in the very near future? For example, game codes, DLC codes, physical goods, collectibles, etc..

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Hi zlamaj,

The restrictions that are set by for the rewards are told to us by the providers of said reward. Even some rewards from the same provider may have less or more restrictions than others.

1) You should be able to see a few rewards actually based on your country. Which country are you in?

2) That's hard to say actually. Most of the rewards that I know of are going to be in-game goods. They're typically the easiest to get to the user, and also be able to resolve any issues with it. Game Codes are possible, but it really depends on the provider. Physical goods I'm not 100% sure about; you can run across issues with shipping which we've had before, but I also wouldn't rule it out. What is your definition on collectibles? Like trinkets, key-chains, Raptr plush? Or something else? Let me know!

I wouldn't mind being able to get the Raptr plush... :)