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I noticed  that sweepstakes have disappeared from the RP store. Are they coming back anytime soon?

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the Sweepstakes was the reward for using RAPTR!!! On my current comp, these is not much it does but track my time played & give me points, up to 60/day + 5/day for checking the community page...
Now no more Sweepstakes for about the for-mentioned 4mounths it has been gone is posing a question to myself whether to even BOTHER using Raptr because the only, & I mean ONLY, thing I am even remotely interested in to spend my points on is a New Graphics Card & that takes 80K points & now just breaking 10K, will take too long for me to get to 80K before my health does me in, X_X. Guess it ISSS by Raptr......  :'(