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Manual Recording not working for certain game

I have a weird issue that just started today. So I play a lot of CS 1.6 and I was going to make a video but PlaysTV when set to manual recording refuses to record CS 1.6. The overlay comes up and says recording but stays at 0:00. I can see the file being made in my folder but as soon as I exit out of the game the recording gets deleted. This did not happen last week when I made a CS 1.6 video. Whats interesting is that when I have the recording set to auto then it properly records..but lets be honest autorecord is a terrible option since it forces to record everything. Why is this happening all of a sudden?

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oh man same here but its happening with me only in crossfire mode :/ but if i record with single card everything works just fine 

 oh well I'm running a single card setup though. I have no idea why it would do this though. I haven't installed any new software or hardware it just decided not to work in manual mode

try reinstalling 

do this when you hit record then go to windowed mode/borderless mode by pressing Alt+Enter then you should see that its not stuck at 00:00:00 anymore and should start recording :) cause it happened with me once before with single card let me know how it goes

 anyone have a fix this? After testing a few other games out it seems manual recording doesn't work with some games. It makes no sense because just a week ago I was using manual recording perfectly fine on these games and now it just doesn't work

Manual Recording is not working for me too, with or without crossfire mode enabled.
Automatic recording works.
Manuel Recording is blocked in sec 0, but it creates a file with 32 bit in the video's folder. 
Plz re-enable manual recording

Any news? We can't record in manual mode.