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Return the Overlay Please

 I have really really enjoyed the Raptr software, it's been a positive experience for gaming, and I actually recommend it to all of my friends because of the great features it has like twitch support and automated optimization. I even recommend it when they do not yet use AMD hardware because it is so outstanding.

However, now that the overlay has been removed, I can no longer chat in twitch, watch twitch in transparency mode, or bring up the overlay to chat or browse. I actually had just been wishing that it could have been enabled easily for all games at once instead of one at a time when it was removed recently. Is there any way that this feature can be returned? The removal of it actually is detrimental and it was one of the positive things about the software.

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I agree with that, in-game Overlay is gone and it was one of the main features of Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved, please, consider bringing it back, its very good.


In game overlay was the best part about raptr, now its more complicated to access settings. It was removed to optimize performance, but I had no problems at all with it. It was optional on a per game basis so I dont see what the problem was.

The best part about the overlay was the FPS display. Guess I gotta run FRAPS now to show my fps.