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Steam games hours sync

I'm not able to sync my hours and achiements with from Steam. Any ideas? 

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@R3vilius - Achievements I believe are still having issues. However, hours should be working. Does it give any error, or does it just not do it?

Are you using Steam 2-step auth?

Just not do it, I`ve just recive message check back within 3 hour and nothing happens :(

By 2-step auth You mean token - then not. 

I've had this problem for over a month now, and I verified my steam account with raptr 5 or so years ago.  This procedure always worked before, usually almost instantly, but I get nothing now, no synch, no message after 3 hours telling me it is complete.  Is there some new steam authorization that I need?


Could you provide which game is not getting hours accurately? 

From best I can tell in both of your cases the hours seem to be reading fairly accurate, minus a few discrepancies.

Ie: Wh40k: Retribution; Wh40k: Armageddon; TESV: Skyrim...

@R3vilius - Both of the WH40k games appear to be fairly accurate since they are only off by one hour (and we may not just round up or down). 

You are correct about Skyrim, it does seem like you had some manual sessions added quite a way back that might be skewing the numbers. 

 I have this problem too. I've got only one achievment form Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on Raptr, but on Steam I have 8. The same as Daggerdale - no achievement added to my Raptr account :<

Same here, raptr don't add me my new steam games and only updates the hours of gameplay when i'm playing, i have this problems since the second last update.

@Red_Cloud - Can you let me know what games are not getting the achievements?  I'll need to document this.

Only i played one game with achivements since the problem begins, i was played the game in other pc and can't register the hours, the game and the achivements with raptr, cause of this i try to sync with the option in the settings and raptr don't catch anything about it, if can help you, the game is The Walking Dead season One steam version. (I was played in the past in XboxOne and i added this by my hand) but i thing this is not the problem cause i buy more games and i have the same problem. hope can find a solution early. Kind regards

@Red_Cloud - This probably is the issue with Steam Achievements we've been having for some time. I've done a rescan, so let me know if it changes. I'll see if I can't find an update about this issue.

 I'm still having this issue with a couple of games I bought recently on steam, indy titles that aren't likely to ever be tracked by the app, but appear in my steam library with hours tracked.

None of my steam hours synch now.  I never get the message "rescan complete".  Did something change fairly recently and I need to re-authorize?  My steam account info didn't change, but I used to do this quite frequently and never had an issue until some point in 2016.

@darviathar - I'm not sure if anything changed on our end, but it's possible. It could also be something on Steam's side. Can you name a few games that are having problems?

It is really *any* game.  The last "rescan complete" message that I received was from March 25 of this year, and I've frequently run this in an attempt to keep up with various indie games that I play on steam.  It has not functioned during that time, and I've resorted to manually entering the time.   On the Identities & Achievements page under my steam ID, it says verified ID.