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Riders of Icarus

This game is now in closed beta 3 and will be wiped for the last time just before open beta on July 5, 2016. I'd say that it is being released then. The early access begins on June 29th. Please add this game to your catalog.

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Oops, I should have added that it is being published by Nexon and was developed by WeMade - as far as I can tell.  :)


this game needs to be added to tracking !!! it in OB now !!

While it is GREAT that running Riders of Icarus through Steam recognizes playtime, I hope that using the Nexon launcher will soon work, too.  I prefer NOT to use Steam.


When is this game going to be added to the list?


The third big update is coming on 12/15/2016, in two days.  Is this game going to be added to the detection list soon?