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Flash Player for AMD Gaming Evolved

Windows 10 has flash player integrated within IE; however this means it's does not work with Raptr as it says requires flash player.

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Which portion of the client is not working for you? I'm currently using Windows 10 and most of the Raptr client works for me. 

The app runs but any of the Images requiring flash player do not load, the messages do not load, clicking the Community tab requires flash player to be installed through the dialogue box: previous to latest Win 10 update; which I assume updated IE, worked fine.

Ah yes, there is some miscommunication there. The entry that you would need is "FP21 for Firefox - NPAPI"

Thank you for your response; do have any of the other browsers mentioned.

What the client uses is that version of Flash. It's different than what your default browser uses/utilizes for Windows.

Have tried; opted for Firefox. Reloaded Raptr and restarted Windows: Hasn't cured unfortunately.

@pw1f - Sounds like it could be another issue. Even when my client prompted for Flash, it was still able to load most of the content. Have you tried elevating the client as Administrator? Checking Firewall/Antivirus? You could also send in a ticket with logs if that doesn't help.

Thanks very much for all your assistance; have elevated to no avail: Probably because Win 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation copy. Build 14352.rs1_release.160522-1930

Thanks again


Could potentially be an issue, but unsure. I can only tell you what has worked for me and other users. 

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