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Gaming Evolve client kept closing down

Hi all,

My gaming evolve client kept shutting itself down.

It works normally when launch it, it would try to scan for games on my computer, but then of all a sudden it could close the application without warning.

Does anybody experience similar issue or know how to fix this?

Thanks for the help!

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Have you checked your firewall/antivirus?

Or tried elevating the client as Administrator?

Hi Verun,

I don't think I have any firewall or antivirus enabled on the computer at the moment (it's a new computer, so I haven't installed any just yet).

I have also tried running the client as administrator, but it doesn't seem to help. The client crashes after finish scanning for optimizable games.

@jcgo9355 - Can you create a ticket and send in logs so I can take a look?

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

Hi Verun,

Interesting thing happened, it's not closing down this time!!

Is it because I didn't have the running previously when I launched the client?

Hmm...not sure. That shouldn't be the case. AMD Gaming Evolved and should be able to work separately from each other. Well at least it's working! Let me know if you have any more issues!