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Mic Out of Sync


Whenever I save a highlight with my own voice is out of sync with the rest of the game.

I did some brief testing and it seems to be desyncing as time passes. If I save a highlight sortly after start up of a game everything is in sync.

My friends on Teamspeak however, are in sync with the game audio, weirdly enough.

This wasn't always the case. I think it started when Raptr teamed up with

Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks in advance!

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We're starting to get more and more reports of this issue and want to look into it more. We'll definitely need to get more details though. Can you provide the following:

  • New Support Ticket with Logs attached after recreating the issue (Instructions Below)
  • A link to an uploaded video showing an example of the Audio Desync. 
  • Details to your Microphone/Headset/Sound Set-up

To make a new ticket with logs attached, just right-click the icon in your taskbar and select Help, then Feedback. Fill out the information accurately and make sure the checkbox is enabled. After you click "Send Feedback" post back here in this forum so I know that you have created it and I can go look for it.


Okay, I did some recording earlier this evening and it is recreatable. 

Here's a link that shows the problem.

Then, immediately after I submitted the feedback log via 

- 4690k

- 290X Lightning

- 8GB RAM 2133mhz

- Senheiser PC320 headset

- On-board sound, same as Creative Recon3d soundcard.

- Main boot: Crusial MX100 256GB

- Recordings Raptr: Samsung F3 HDD

thx in advance.

I noticed in the logs you sent that you had Sony Vegas open. Does the desync happen only after placing it in Sony Vegas? Does the raw video have desyncing as well?

When I was done playing I made that video straight after. I had the feedback tab open while I made that video real quick, so I could include the video with the Log. 

Yes, the same desync in the raw files too.  

Alright, that's what I wanted to make sure of, thanks for letting me know!

I'm going to try and speak with Engineering and see what we can find. 

If you discover anything, let me know!