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Game detection

 Hey, was going to say good job on adding more games to the automatic detection list!!

But this post is regarding the latest update and my situation. Ever since the last update nothing in my library will detect the graphics settings.

Drivers are detecting properly again and showing up to date. 

Quote: " Whoops! Looks like we didnt detect your system hardware. please try updating your video card drivers to the lastest version and restart the app!

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@i3loodymoon - Would you be able to create a ticket with logs after getting that error?

Could just be an issue with detecting the hardware.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

 Eh i don't even use 

Sorry to clarify,  general library on raptr for me is not detecting any of my games.  Recently updated to amd radeon crimson 16.6.1 and also having a problem with the drivers on 3DMark saying invalid.Could it just be something with the latest crimson drivers causing and issue and i can simply just waiting until an update is released.

P.S.   i know my spelling is terrible, always have had an issue with it but if you could do your best to see past spelling mistakes i would be greatful :) <3

No issues with spelling! :D

My apologies, the paragraph I have for sending logs is a macro. Although the same instructions would apply for Raptr. 

Did you recently make any changes to your hardware, like a new GPU?

If you send in your logs, I can also see your Dxdiag for system specs.

 Sent logs with feedback. Hope its just the new drivers =/    already lost my folder of pictures this 2016 much rather not find out i got a pc problem too >_<

Just replied!

I sent a feedback about this problem 1 day ago, cus after the last few updates it has not worked for me either. Have tride restarting the gaming evolved checked that drivers are up to date and so on. But still says that it can't detect my system hardware. Created on Tue, 2 Aug at 5:09 PM ticket number: #39928


Thanks! I've responded to it!