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Elevation Proxy stopped working

When i open the AMD Gaming Evolved I have a pop-up that says 'Elevation Proxy stop working'

How do I fix it?

Thank you!

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We have had user input that has stated if you rename "plays_ep64.exe" and "raptr_ep64.exe" that it can help with overcoming that error. Just make sure that the client is closed when renaming them. 

Let me know the results!

rename to what?

Doesn't really matter. Typically most will do something like "plays_ep64_old.exe" as an example. 

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@Scanlite  - I have replied to your ticket regarding this issue. It will take logs to figure out what is going on. Instructions are in the ticket.

Three updates have been installed since I started receiving this message. The only way to make it go away is to rename the two files as VERUN has stated. When will they fix this aggravating problem?

@tgambre11 - If you'd like you can create a ticket with logs about this issue. Make sure to place that it is for me so I can investigate it deeper. Let me know when you post it.

Hi I'm also experiencing the same problem, right after I updated to the new version of the AMD Evolve.

My ticket number is: Elevation Proxy has stopped working #39362

@cellguy9 - Thanks! I've gone ahead and responded to your ticket!