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Raptr account terms and technical question - unsure where to put this topic

Hello, can I legally and technically completely transfer my account to a friend (or more generally, another user) who live in other region (or alternatively move my full point balance to one or more friend's account)?

Note that I know I coulc theoretically legally make one else use my points from my account, as I earned those points fair and square, as I understood from your FAQ, however, this does not help here if I am the only one who can and should login to this account, as this region is very limited in options so it would defeat the whole point of somehow making any use of the points I've collected.

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Please refer to our Terms Of Service for clarification. Ownership of a Raptr account cannot be transferred to another user and it is not possible to transfer point balances between accounts. If you have any further questions, please e-mail me directly at Thanks for reaching out to check and have a nice day.