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Highlight Length

So a few updates ago with the video recording client, the maximum highlight length was longer than 10 minutes. And now it's not. Why? This was incredibly useful for me when recording game play, as I would often save highlights longer than 10 minutes.

This is way more preferable than recording continuously, which eats up unnecessary disk space. It also saves me the time from looking through very long recordings to find the parts I'm interested in.

Can highlight lengths longer than 10 minutes be brought back again? Like, perhaps up to 20 minutes or longer?

It's from my understanding that highlights are temporarily stored in the RAM before being saved, correct? If someone has the memory to spare, they should be able to have highlights as long as they please. Of course I could be wrong about how this works.

OBS allows a replay buffer of half an hour, however raptr seems to be less taxing of my system.

Thanks for any response.

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