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I tried to login my twitch account though Raptr software but I get this error



 Will this be fixed? 

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Don't typically see an issue like this. Where does the error appear?

Have you checked anything that might block connection?

I got this message too. I don't know if it has to do with it, but I deleted the raptr.cfg file in the appdata, and now I'm getting a captcha. I'm pretty sure I get it right, but I still get this message no matter what: 

{"message":"Please complete the CAPTCHA correctly.","captcha":"true","errors":["Please complete the CAPTCHA correctly."]}

Ah okay, I spoke with Engineering and we're aware of the current issue with logging into Twitch and we're working on it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Glad to hear you're onto it. If it helps, I'm getting the long url again. That means someone did something, right? :P 

Not 100% sure. Engineering definitely knows about and I was able to recreate it, so not too much is needed from users. Could be something changed on Twitch's side that messes it up for us. But I'll leave that to the ones who are going to fix it.

 I too have the same problem, suddenly can not do more to streaming twich can not login to my account I hope will resolve soon, thank you.

I am new to streaming. but i also get the long message. dont know whats going on. hope thiss gets resolved real soon.


I sadly get the exact same error.

I just recently wanted to stream using Raptr so I don't know if this is a long time error or not, but it seems pretty recent.

I hope this gets fixed soon!

I've the same problem - I'm new to streaming and it was my st time trying and got that message - hope its fixed before Tuesday - planned on live streaming then


Any chance this will be fixed by Tuesday? I had hoped to do my first stream then


I've got the same problem, but guys I would recommend you to NEVER post such JSON strings unchanged in an open forum, because these messages can contain critical information.

In this case its not that critical, cause I think the worst thing that could happen is that someone could stream stuff on your channel, but it's always important to be on the safe side.

I have the same problem by trying to login into my twitch account. with another streaming software (evolve) a login is possible without any problems. here is the error mesage i got by trying to login with raptr:



I've got the same problem by trying to login into my twitch account. in other streaming software there is no problems by loggin into the same account.