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the rewards page

hi how about putting some descent rewards on for people its about time you dropped that 270x graphics card and not everyone plays smite either you used to offer games the rewards page is really depressing put things on it for people to get excited about .

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We understand of course that not everyone plays Smite, but in actuality, not everyone plays any one game and there's no real way to accommodate all gamers in one rewards store. As far as the current Smite offers, we're simply offering rewards in partnership with Hi-Rez as an incentive for players of that game currently (as we're also doing with Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Blacklight Redemption in partnership with other companies). Offers are subject to and scheduled to change over time. If the current rewards aren't to your liking, feel free to hold onto or save up your points until the next offer that piques your interest comes along. If there are any other questions, please shoot me an e-mail at Thanks for your feedback and have an awesome day.