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War Thunder is not recording

Hello, I have an issue with War Thunder and Raptr. Two days ago I have recorded my gameplay via Automatic record, but now I cant even take a screenshot, because Raptr doesnt notice that I play War Thunder. Could you please help me with that problem? Thank you

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It's come to our attention that an update or patch to War Thunder is currently blocking attempts by both Raptr and Plays.TV (among other similar services) to record or detect the game.Luckily, a user on the War Thunder forums posted a work-around. Users are instructed to find the "config.blk" file in their War Thunder directory. Open it with Notepad and at the very top add in a new line that states: "hooks:b=yes".

After saving the file, War Thunder was reported to record without issues. If problems persist after having tried this, please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to investigate further. Thank you.