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Game Detection can't fin blizzard game


I have recently reformatted my computer and Game Evolved doesn't find blizzard Game.
So why i can add manually track gametime and Gaming Evolved can't find the installed games.

How i can add installed game.

The manually add game doesn't work.
The auto detect doesn't work.

I have the most recently version 16.8.2.

I ask your help.

Tank you.

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Sorry for not replying earlier. 

When you reformatted your PC, did it affect the drive that had your Blizzard Games installed on it, or just the boot drive?

The issue might be that the boot drive doesn't have the registry keys for where the games are installed. To fix those, you might be able to utilize the Scan/Repair tool in the Launcher. If that does not work, you would have to reinstall the game.