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unable to connect

hello i have a problem. Today update raptr app and all time have info "Unable to contact Please check your internet connection and try again". But i all time use my internet connection pls help me

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Have you checked your Firewall and Antivirus to ensure that it's not causing issues?

You could also elevate the client as Administrator.

Been having the same problem over the last couple of days. Have tried all the recommended fixes including running as adminitrator, deleting the config file and reinstalling and it continues to do the same thing while using the desktop client

ive had the same and raptr doesn´t answer. What did and still does the trick -i did everything u did too with no effect- in my case and maybe it works for you:

When getting unable to connect at the raptr or gaming evolved app, open mozila and the raptr page or surf around. is never down and windows is not firewarlling it. This has been "magically" working so far. Cheers!


I forgot one detail that may have done the trick, but i doubt it: when uninstalling the raptr client, uninstall too. The raptr uninstaller leaves it installed.