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It does not record video CS:GO/ Why ignore me

in CS: GO records video of 5-6 minutes, and then hangs up, without sound recording. More CS: GO is not optimized. Twitch works through time. I apologize for the translation, I do not talk on your barbaric language, only Google translator. 3 days ago I created a similar theme, where I was told to send a report to the ticket number 42521, which was done, but the response is not received, neither notification nor what that help, how long to wait, then wait. how do I solve the problem? I cursed 10 times Radeon. Please help me, but then I have to change the video card

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I have a USB Razer Kraken 7.1, I read previous threads , I realized that because of them I have problems with the account. What should I do?

According to the ticket number provided, it seems that we did reply back a few days after your ticket. If you're using the Razer Kraken headset try disabling the KrakenHelper.exe background running process. See if that helps. 

Yes I myself understood, but thanks anyway . Say this problem ever Fixed ?

We'd have to change a lot about our encoding for audio recording which is a huge endeavor. It could happen in the future, but I don't think it's in the current foreseeable future.