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New rewards??

I feel so ripped off atm. Seriously, I LOVE AMD and the Raptr App, but back when i started in about 2014 there have been loads of nice games you can get as a reward. I have been playing, getting thousands and thousands of points (Now at 25k) and before i got a sufficiant amount i could use on a proper game, they all disappeared COMPLETELY. Back in January there have been new rewards added. I Was happy and theeeen i got through them all and was like "Really?? I don't play Neverwinter and never going to and I am not playing dat Star-Thingy-Parody and never going to. WTF is this?". Now It's almost 10 months aaaaand there is still just that **** hanging there. Guys, am I the only one?? I would LOVE to get some new PROPER rewards like games or even hardware. You could say "hey, go for that only one GPU, you just need 65k more." But i dont need it, cuz the moment i reach it, it will be either gone or sooo outdated that nobody will need it!

AMD, RAPTR, ... PLEASE HEAR US!!! Thank you!

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I have same feeling



Same Here, i have anaf points to buy something good and all u have in store are some ingame rewards....PLS put some games or hardware so we can buy something nice with all that points we have! TY


I had reached the point in which I have 51k and there's nothing for me to spend on, not even a single game but to say hardware. I hope that there will be new rewards added soon due to 2017 that happens to be around the corner. It's been a year since you didn't updated the rewards program and a lot of people that uses raptr everyday would feel betrayed if you would decide to abandon it all. At these kind of questions the answer is pretty vague or there is not any at all. I hope that everything won't turn ugly and look for the better, but with the lack of information you provide us I'm very skeptical.

no you are not the only one i hate this reward to and think of uninstalling amd gaming evolved if they dont change reward like it was before..