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Can't manually add a certain game

There was a problem that caused the client to be unable to add any game manually. The sollution turned out to be a restart of the client. Now there is a certain game that I wan't to add but it is not in the list. The game is Elite: Dangerous, it's just not in the list, even though it's on the list of supported games.

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It seems like we only have the Steam detection for Elite: Dangerous. Are you playing a non-steam version of it?

Yes, I have installed the game separately. Can I expect for the game to be included to the list of titles that can be added manually?

If we can get more information on it possibly. Where did you purchase it that it wasn't linked to Steam?

I purchased it from the developers. It is linked to Steam but I prefer using the stand alone installation to the Steam one. I assure you it is not a pirated copy I am playing. I just find it more convenient without Steam, the game has enough DRM as it is (there is no way, or point of playing it completely offline) :)

Ah okay! Well I had to talk with our Detection team since I was foggy on some information regarding the Elite: Dangerous Detection. Unfortunately, the detection for the non-steam version started to not work due to a change they made on their end that makes it nearly impossible for us to detect it properly. For some reason, this did not seem to affect the Steam version of it. We're still aware of the issue, but it's difficult to determine whether it will get fixed via detection methods on our end, or a change that needs to be made on Elite: Dangerous' end.

I am guessing that is the reason it's not in the list of games when I try to manually add one. Thank you for the help! I hope this gets sorted sooner or later. If at all possible I would appreciate it if someone left a message here once the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, should I mark this as solved?

You're welcome to mark it as Solved. Depending on how long it takes depends on the likelihood of posting back here with the solution. But we'll do our best. Thanks for understanding; we do want all versions to detect!