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Guild Wars 2 (suggestion to use the API system)

Hey, I just wanted to point out that you can retroactively find out a user's gameplay time in the game and find out all the achievements they've earned through guild war's API key system, 

the only thing you guys would need is to ask users to get an api key from

step 2 would be 

and then step 3 would just sit back and wait for the api to crawl through your achievements, add up character play time, etc.

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Thanks for the Feature Request! I've placed it on our list. Unsure how it would correlate with Raptr Data, but we still appreciate the request!

Let us know if you have any other ideas!

Unsure how it would correlate with Raptr Data

What do you mean? raptr tracks hours played for games and achievements, which are completely missing for guild wars 2 I only have 460 hours tracked on it, and I've played the game 1100 some odd hours. It would be like how steam can be crawled to add time, and it would be like how world of warcraft has it's very numerous amount of achievements.

or did I put this in the wrong section maybe? sorry I don't use raptr forums

Just determining how it would grab that data, correlate with the right username, verify the hours are correct, etc.