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Automatically closes out

The amd gaming evolved app closes everytime. only open for about 10 seconds then closes out.

I have tried the following:

Reinstalling, running as admin, running from another account, reinstalling windows, ssd drive and normal sata. Closing all other programs. how can i get this app to work???

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Does it give any kind of error message when it closes?

Have you checked if any other programs might be causing it to not open? (Firewall, Antivirus, etc)

My desktop app is doing this as well. No error message. Just closes.


@danielkezele - Did you try the same steps as the OP, in addition to checking the Firewall/Antivirus?

I did. That itself didn't help, but I went back one driver update and then reinstalled and it seems to be fine now. Thank you though.

Interesting. Can you let me know what were the driver versions that both worked and did not work for you?