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Unable to reach steam issue

Trying to add my steam id, and it always says unable to reach steam.  Internet and gaming over internet working fine.  SteamID comtedeloach.

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It seems your Profile on Steam is currently set to Private. You will want to change it to public so we can gain access. You should be able to change it in your Privacy Settings.


That sounds right, thank you.

I have all settings on steam on public and I can't do this. I everday check its working an everyday its "UNABLE TO REACH STEAM ISSUE". I saw in anothers forums were the same problems. And they don't now with what is this problem. RAPTR fix it pleas and answere all how its fix.

same issue

Same here


So are we going to fix this @raptr or no? cuz i've been having this issue as well for about a month and i can't find any mention of it anywhere other than here and there doesn't seem to be a fix....

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mine is public and it still said that.


SteamID donald25 can't connect profile is public


I'm having the same problem.  Came across the following thread.  A guy in it said that Raptr discontinued connecting to Steam and it's just a reference to the Steam ID now.  That's lame.