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How to disable Raptr overlay without turning off the raptr app?

I attempted to play One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 but the game didn't start so when I looked into it one cause was that the raptr overlay is causing it so I quit the raptr app and the game then works. But I can't find an option that would disable the overlay without having to turn off the app itself how can I do that?

 And on a side note I didn't have any problems like that on my laptop everything worked fine this is a problem on my desktop I assumed that the reason for it was the 2560x1440 resolution monitor but now after checking them with raptr off I see that it's a problem with raptr. Any idea what's the reason for that because there was no problem on my laptop?

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Raptr no longer has an in-game overlay so maybe you mean the overlay? 

If you're trying to record the game, then you would need open.

However, if you just want to have Raptr keep track of game time, you don't need

You can also have Raptr not track Gameplay which may remove some of the issues when hooking in.