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video card is not compatible with the automatic driver update


hello, I have a video card amd radeon hd 8570 graphics, but your app tells me that my video card is incompatible ..
I wish I had clarities of this fact, since the PC is recent, has just one year, thanks

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I apologize for the confusion. The AMD 8570 was released into the market on January 2013 despite you only recently purchased the PC. However, the 8570 should be meeting requirements for VCE. The issue/error you may be running across may be about the drivers. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

I get the same message and my optimization on most pc games I play have a big performance hit where I get between 23-30 FPS playing Division and 15-17 FPS and lots of stutter while playing Rust.

There should be an option to update drivers manually which I don't see anywhere on that page.See Attachment.

@vicodin49 - It could be partial confusion based on the fact you're using an APU. Keep in mind that lower FPS might be the result of that Chipset not meeting the recommended system settings for the game, and in some cases just barely meeting the requirements. APU's do unfortunately run across the issue where, because the CPU/GPU are the same chipset, excessive load on either side can cause lag for the other.