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Again 2 month Waiting time on my ticket...

Before i had 6 months no answer....

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That's the new AMD-sponsored Raptr for ya... *sighs*

Luckily amd tossed raptr.

oh rly? lol... then wtf are they doing xD

you mean amd ? for recording they have RELIVE now. its like shadowplay works nice.

and for optimizing nothing. but did it work really on raptr ?....

it tells me on alot of games weird settings.

No, I ment wtf is Raptr doing.... (nothing, it seems)

I had replied back in your ticket since the initial post. I did explain in the response that the ticket was overlooked due to not getting proper notifications from the system we use, and I apologize for that.

However, I also mentioned that your case was incredibly unique and even our engineers were unable to discover why you were getting this particular issue. I apologize again that we were unable to discover the cause or solution to your issue.