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I dont know if im recording

For some reason the game overlay does not appear so im not sure if im recording or not Please help ASAP

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Do you have these Preferences disabled?


When the gameplay ends, do you see a recorded video in the client?

No I dont have those  Preferences disabled. And i do not see a recorded video in the client when the gameplay ends.

Did you find anything odd about my log files?

Could it have anything to do with my windows vista operating system because if it is im upgrading to windows seven soon.

And also do I have to be playing a competitive match or any game mode in CS:GO


it doesnt matter im getting a new graphics card and using shadowplay. Goodbye

My apologies on the delay for a response; we don't have 24/7 Customer Service and it was a Holiday weekend for us as well. 

I don't see a ticket with logs attached with your username

The problem may very well be with Windows Vista since we don't provide support for it anymore.

CS:GO can be played on any mode to record or get pins.

If you would like more assistance, you're more than welcome to reply back and let us know. Although we prefer to deal with particular issues like this in a ticket.