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App not tracking Windows 10 games?


I recently acquired 2 games via windows 10 store: gears of wars ultimat & gears of war 4

It seems that the app can't fallow these games. I tried to add them manually & I can't find them in the list :s (btw hope the app will support 4k resolution soon because it hurts my eyes it's so so small ><)

Am I doing something wrong or the app just don't support windows 10 games?? If not are you going to change that?? :3


(and excuse my english)

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Currently we don't have support for Windows Live Games. It's due to how the game installation is constructed which causes an issue when we're trying to hook in. Other recorders that can record your screen would not have this issue. 

We are aware of it though and hopefully will find a resolution for it.

Ho ok, hope you'll find a solution soon. thx for your answer