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The Video Looks Choppy

I have recently started using raptr and I recorded my very first video in Rust. It came out really well, not choppy or even bad quality. Then I began to record Garry's Mod and after I was done with the session, I watched it back and it was super choppy, as if it was skipping frames. I've changed the bit-rate and a couple of other settings to see if it would help, but none of them have. This is where I'm confused: I get around 300 FPS in a single player world on Garry's Mod (60 or more in a multiplayer server with 100 people on it) and I only get 50 FPS in Rust on a server. I don't understand why a game that I receive less FPS in, records just fine, as where, when I record Garry's Mod at 300 FPS, it looks like it's skipping frames. I have looked at other forums and I checked my GPU and I do have VCE support. (My GPU is the Radeon HD 7570.) Please comment if you can help and get back to me as soon as possible. I would love to continue using this program.

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