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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Could you add the PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda to your database.

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I contacted them about this but alas no reply and no fix. I don't know why there's only options for the console versions.

I didn't know they still supported consoles. But yeah this is crazy that they haven't gotten support for it yet. Too much focus on the stupid and Twitch crap IMHO.


Well you added the game to the app but it won't launch it nor track it automatically. It isn't in the dropdown menu to add it manually either. Close but no cigar!


I'm not expecting them to do anything about it. They 'retired' their Twitter support account. Their normal Twitter account and FB accounts have been totally silent for over 6 months. No replies to tickets in their ticketing system.

Pretty sure they've abandoned Raptr in favor of Plays at this point.


Well it tracks now but you can't start it from the app. You have to start it in Origin.