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REMOVE Empytion Dedicated (use >30 GiB on 24/7 servers)

Raptr detects Empyrion Dedicated Server as a game and generates insane logfiles in %AppData%\Raptr\ltc:

  • [game] EmpyrionDedicated.exe.log
  • [game] EmpyrionDedicated.exe.log.1

They are right now deleted manually...

Also PDF X Edit is no game.

but this file use only a few MiB: [game] PDFXEdit.exe.log.

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Thanks for letting us know. I'll have one of our engineers take a look at the large log file issue since we should have corrected that. 

However, I have placed both of those exes on our global blacklist so they shouldn't be trying to hook in any longer. 

Please let me know if you discover anything else!