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Raptr Rewards Closing

Very sad to see this! I have been saving my points since 2009 and am up to 73,351 points. Is there any chance you guys might have an extra Raptr plushy laying around the office that you could let me cash in on at an extremely high inflated rate?


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I would love if they released that plushy again :(

24,000+ points and nothing to spend them on...

I have 24,000+ as well. I wish there was a way to get that R9 270 card... But not my lucky day.

Sad thing I couldn't farm more points. I had to work way more the last two years than expected.

 need drop points of graphics card down to 49,000 or put the other one that used to be on rewards back on list where this has not been a total waste of time

I don't think they even read these forums.


Nope, we read them!

 to bad could not get 1 of the other ati/amd card makers like powercolor to step in to replace ati/amd

Will the entire company close or just the reward system? I like using rapter for optimizing my games.

I am sad that the rewards are closing. But I would like to know if the entire rapter is closing. I really like being able to optimize my games.

@Verun Good to hear!

@RAVENDESCHAIN From what I have read, it's just the rewards program. Raptr looks like it will be staying around =)

Is that where I saved my points for? :(

said 22 days ago

" need drop points of graphics card... "
Meh, it was expected, that they will at least remove the card from the store, before people would get enough points to buy it. It would bankrupt the company, if they would have to give away (hundreds of?) thousands of mid-range video cards for free.

all those points people saved up for nothing.. honestly it's ridiculous. so what if their AMD partnership ended. partner with someone else instead. why get rid of something that actually makes Raptr worth using?

you should have at least filled the store with Raptr plushies so we could get something truly amazing. :(