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Rewards Partial Shutdown?

We wanted to let everyone know that the Raptr Rewards program is shutting down on April 30, 2017. The Raptr Rewards program was funded through our partnership with AMD. However, our partnership with AMD ended in 2016 and because of this we are unable to continue supporting Raptr Rewards. We did our best to keep it going as long as we could, but it was no longer sustainable.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for participating in the Raptr Rewards program.

@Verun - Surely this will just effect physical merchandise and we will continue to keep and gain our reward points correct? Unless I'm mistaken, the digital purchases are self sponsored and don't cost Raptr money - so why kill the possibility of more / new sponsors?

Sorry to say but getting rid of this feature is shooting yourself in the foot. As a reward driven community this is how I see it going.

No rewards = Less community interaction = Less active users = Less partner growth = Less funding = Less frequent updates = Less game optimization = Less new users

How easy have you made it for new partners to add their own rewards? If you are going to ditch rewards entirely wouldn't it be better to offer them to your partners free of change? As a result maybe smaller companies and or indie developers would join in. More importantly the community keeping their points and having the ability to spend on digital transactions would make us all feel less robbed. I mean you are taking years of commitment away from us after all.

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