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Account Verifcation

Good Evening, my name is de_Valuab7e (a.k.a SoundGamingOfficial) and today i logged into my old account on RAPTR that i haven't used for almost more than 2 years.

After a short moment, it says ,,For additional security, we require you to authorize this location. You'll need to check your email before you have full access to Raptr''

and then i clicked on ,,Send Email''. The Time was 18:55 (6.55pm), i have been waiting for long and yet i still didn't get the verification that i require to fully continue. Right now it's

19:31 (7.31pm) and yet i can't get what i need. I also made some screenshots just in case your wondering if i actually did click on ,,Send Email'' or not. I even blurred out my email so nobody tries to hack it ^^ :D


After i have waited that long, nothing appears and the funny part is that there is no Spam Folder either lol.


So yeah that's all it.. Rip

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