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Steam Achievements


Is this still broken? BRINK achievements are not being added to raptr despite the hours being accurate - even if I remove game and add it automatically by playing later it doesn't update them either. I heard there has been an issue previously with achievements not updating - but is this still ongoing issue? 

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I take the forums are dead. Is Raptr now dead?

I think steam achievements stoped working couple years ago, the relatively newer games don't sync achivements with Raptr. For example Sleeping Dogs, the original version works fine but the Definitive Edition does not.

And yes it is dead, its useless now. They got rid of all the interesting stuff like Year Summaries, in-game overlay, etc, and now the ending of the AMD partnership was the final nail in the coffin.

Well that says it all then DSD27...time to jump ship I guess....

Already jumped. Using Overwolf now, amazing.