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Reward points are gone. Compensation?

Since Raptr did away with our reward points after so many of us worked very hard to earn points, what kind of compensation is Raptr going to provide?  Are our points going to reappear when Raptr gets more prizes?  Are there ever going to be more prizes?  There is literally no need to have Raptr installed on my PC now.  The only reason I kept it around was to earn reward points.  The "community" is a joke compared to Steam or any other "clubhouse" type environment.  So tell me why I should keep Raptr installed at this point.  I'm extremely disappointed with Raptr's foolish decision to do away with reward points.  It's almost like they're trying to kill their business with one simple action.  I'd like a response from Raptr to this message.  I'll keep it installed for one week while I wait for a response.  If I don't receive a response I'm going to uninstall Raptr and never look back.



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