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What is wrong with raptr?

 Did get hacked?  Everyday for the past few weeks, the desktop app would either never connect or it would take many tries to connect it to my account. There is nothing wrong with my connection. What's the heck is going on?

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Seems to be back to normal now, it has logged on normally the last two days for me.


I still can't log in.  Friend list shows as 0/0 and cannot change status from "offline".

Same here. Unable to login. I have tweeted to them, I have emailed them. NO response at all. It has been like that for two weeks or so...

I dont even know whats happening with this.. ive opened a ticket almost 2 weeks ago and still got no answer for it. It almost looks like they discontinued this..

Btw any1 had a problem where the twitch feature wasnt even avaiable in the app ?

They aren't going to answer a ticket.  I really don't think anyone works there any longer.  They haven't been adding new steam games to the list, and this program is essentially abandon ware at this point.  It is very sad, and I'm going to really miss it the day I log in to look at 10 years of hour tracking and the site isn't there at all.