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What is wrong with raptr?

 Did get hacked?  Everyday for the past few weeks, the desktop app would either never connect or it would take many tries to connect it to my account. There is nothing wrong with my connection. What's the heck is going on?

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Seems to be back to normal now, it has logged on normally the last two days for me.


I still can't log in.  Friend list shows as 0/0 and cannot change status from "offline".

Same here. Unable to login. I have tweeted to them, I have emailed them. NO response at all. It has been like that for two weeks or so...

I dont even know whats happening with this.. ive opened a ticket almost 2 weeks ago and still got no answer for it. It almost looks like they discontinued this..

Btw any1 had a problem where the twitch feature wasnt even avaiable in the app ?

They aren't going to answer a ticket.  I really don't think anyone works there any longer.  They haven't been adding new steam games to the list, and this program is essentially abandon ware at this point.  It is very sad, and I'm going to really miss it the day I log in to look at 10 years of hour tracking and the site isn't there at all.


Like many of you all, Im in the same boat. I feel like raptr has been slowly dying for the last few years and is now more or less dead. Been on here since like 2009 ish, and to be honest kinda hard to let go. I have been almost neurotically tracking gameplay time since. I mainly play on console and it very meh when it wouldn't track games when the ps4 and xbone came out. Which was fine, I manually tracked the new games. The other week I tried adding a new game to the system that wasnt on here and it wouldnt let me. I checked their twitter and it had been suspended. I checked the forums here and for the most part its been more or less dead for a year. I can only assume at this point the site will deactivate before too long. Kinda heartbreaking. I havent seen any suitable replacements. Oh well, time to move on I guess. 

 I just read the notice that they are (finally; its been on life support for far too long) ending the Raptr client on 9/30.  I am very sorry to see it go, as I've honestly checked this site every day pretty much for 7 years now.  I have discovered several other sites that do a lot of what this one used to: is really great for anything you want to know about achievements.  They are arranged very neatly, with such info as achievement streaks and leaderboards.  It is great if you are a stats and standings nut like me.  They assign point values to various achievements, and you may be surprised what some of yours from years ago are "worth" in their point system. is a site from the same group that tracks console achievements.  It functions in the same way.

Exophase tracks hours for Steam as well as Xbox One games.  I do not own a PS 4, so I'm not sure about the functionality there.  I recall Raptr never being able to track playstation hours the same way as xbox, and am not sure if that's still a problem. tracks achievements  for both Steam and console games, as well as World of Warcraft and some less obscure sources (such as Dragon Age Origins, from 2009, believe it or not).

Sadly, none of these sites arrange things as well as Raptr does.  You can't go down your long list of games and see where you stack up in comparison to your friends as easily as you could here. 

I use the same name on each of these sites, Darviathar.  Friend me up if you migrate over!

Oh really, where is this notice? Sad to hear but more or less expected at this point. Thanks for the recommendations, I hadn't heard of those. I saw a couple of others but didn't have the features I wanted and didn't scratch that itch.  

Here's the sad news guys...

Honestly I still feel lost not being able to record gameplay hrs from many of my games now. RIP Raptr and Xfire. You both will be sorely missed. :(

Wow, very sad. Expected though at this point. At least now we have an answer and some sense of closure. I feel weird not being able to track gameplay. But that at the same time sorta liberating. Oh well, very heartbreaking. Rip Raptr <3