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I wish you to shut down :)

You have very good program, good reward system, you just need to ask more game developers to give some free stuff. You get some rewards for your program and they get commercial and new users in multiplayer online games. After all you probably have a shitty sellers or your small success with AMD blind your eyes and you think that money will flow forever.

But you chose to be assholes!
I have almost 40k points and to be honest i start collecting them to get some of the graphic cards (probably like most of us) or free games, but after some time i use them to get in game stuff and that was really nice. BTW i have Raptr probably before you can earn points.
Now i will uninstall your program not because it is useless, i will uninstall it because you dint tell us that before... not even single mail about that. And i will ask to do the same my small community where i announce your program few times. Because you cheated us, you take a lot of information's about my gaming preferences and time, you give some rewards for that knowledge, but now you act like a coward and didn't have balls to simply send a mail.
I just can't believe that you don't see what you have and how you can sell it... its sad but fair so i wish you to get shut down with some rest of honor or you will just be another worthless creature writhing in pain for years.

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