Raptr / AMD Client Release Notes

Version 4.4.2 (5/18/2015)

  • OpenCL compatibility improvements.
  • Improved dual-GPU laptop support (error 22)
  • Reduced performance hit while recording at 60 FPS.
  • Fixes Twitch Broadcast failure (error 20031)
  • Fixes AMD VCE initialization issue (error 20032)

Version 4.4.1 (5/5/2015)

New Features
Auto-Detection for All Games
  • The Auto-Detection feature is now enabled to detect when any game is running.
  • Enjoy recording and minimal HUD features within games that may not be integrated into the Raptr game detection ecosystem yet
  • Not all overlay features are available via Auto-Detection at this time
Replays Reintroduced As Highlights
  • Replays, as previously used and introduced on Raptr, are now called highlights; consisting of a short clip that was captured after the event has happened
  • The term: Replays, now refer to auto-recorded videos that capture your entire gaming session
  • These recordings happen for supported (auto-detected) and unsupported (non-auto-detected) games
  • In attempts to save hard drive space, replays will be auto-managed and deleted upon filling up a certain amount of space  
                The set amount of space can be adjusted in preferences options
                This will not impact manually saved videos; highlights, manual records, or saved clips
  • Split the gallery into two sections to account for Highlights and Replays
  • Added a game tag field that is either auto completed based on our detection, or able to be filled out by the user for an auto-detected game
  • Default length for highlights has been set to 20 seconds (but only updates for new users, so if you’ve been using 30 seconds it will stay 30 seconds)
  • The ‘Edit Clip’ button broke up it’s relationship with the ‘Share Clip’ button, but they are still roommates. As such, we split the two buttons apart on the preview pane, which now allows for easy access to edit
  • Enhanced edit now includes two timelines for easy editing for longer clips
  • Raptr notfications are now including additional notifications from Plays.tv
  • Eazy access to Plays.tv preferences brought into the Plays.tv gallery
  • Updated Plays.tv references to include “beta”
Raptr UI
  • Home has received a facelift to include the recording functionality of Plays.tv front and center
  • Easy access to turning short recorded highlights on
  • Easy access to turning recording full game replays on
  • Preferences options have received new updates to account for new functionality that has now been added
  • In-game ‘growl’ updated to reflect the ‘highlights’ capture hotkey
  • The support links received an update to link to support.raptr.com
Bug Fixes
  • Included an additional check to address users running into Error 109 for recording capabilities and directions to remedy this issue
  • Included a check to detect if the Plays.tv client is running upon launch, and deliver messaging suggesting for the user to turn off recording in the unused program
  • Updated preferences options drop downs to ignore the mouse scroll wheel, thus stopping the random language changing
  • Addressed an issue where a video and its audio would become out of sync
  • Addressed an issue where a crackling sound could be heard during speech by the user

Version 4.3.9 (3/25/2015)

  • GVR is now turned on by default if your PC is capable of such technology
  • Addressed Mantle capture not getting resumed when game regains focus
  • Fixed issue where audio of the video sometimes get out of sync
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the video shows a black screen
  • Fixed issue where microphone may make cracking sound
  • Fixed issue where manual record videos may result incorrect length
  • FPS counter should function again

Version 4.3.6 (3/2/2015)

– Various bug fixes

Version 4.3.3 (1/29/2015)

– Various bug fixes for GVR support
– Improved game settings recommendations

Version 4.2.6 (12/8/2014)

- GVR and in-game overlay support for Mantle
- Better detection on GVR compatibility
- Quality improvement in videos captured using AMD graphics cards

Version 4.2.5 (11/21/2014)

- Various bug fixes

Version 4.2.4 (11/19/2014)
- Various bug fixes

Version 4.2.2 (11/17/2014)

- Fixed a DLL mismatch problem on start-up of the client for some users
- Stability fixes around simultaneous video uploads and edits

Version 4.1.2 (10/17/2014)

- Fixed a problem where the client would not start-up for some users

Version 4.1.1 (10/15/2014)

- Raptr hosted videos: Sharing on Raptr will now upload videos to our own servers. Uploading to Youtube is still supported when selecting this option from the right click menu in the gallery.

Version 4.1.0 (8/1/2014)

In-Game HUD
- Mute toggling works via hot key GVR
- Microphone and game sound mute indicators will only be shown when they are muted
- You can now switch from GVR (Record and/or Replay) to Twitch
- Simplified HUD display for GVR and Twitch
- Ability to test and adjust microphone volume from Preferences
- Ability to adjust game volume from Preferences
- Replay clip background recording changes – Creating multiple instant replay clips in succession will always create a clip for the length defined by the user.

- Support for @tagging
- Support for UTF-8 hashtags
- Youku support
- Larger gallery thumbnails
- Gallery can now be re-sized

- Support for display of Chinese characters

Version 4.0.1 (8/1/2014)

Various bug fixes on GVR

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