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Tracking time problem!

Since a few months Raptr is not tracking my xbox 360 games. Is there any problem? Is the second time I write this issue :/

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 Hi there! This is because we're currently experiencing Xbox Achievement tracking issues at the moment.

We are aware of the issue, but are so busy trying to work on so many things!

I'm currently having the same issue, any eta on a fix?

They've already said they arent going to work on the connection issue. Apparently they think we all play PC games.

this is still a problem?? this has been going on for a couple months now. whats going on?

We are making a major focus on PC Games. However, this does not necessarily mean that we'll be stopping the connection all together. We're still looking into possibilities but it does cause issues when we have big plans and everything planned out, and then Xbox changes something (which is well within their right) and it breaks our connection. We can't slam the brakes to fix it, but we'll try and find time for it. As mentioned by Burn, there are other things that need to be worked on as well. 

Its ok with Verun answer until I see that passes another month (3,4 months ago the firsts problems) and the problem continues,..As DEADMAN2009 said, apparently they think we all play PC games....exclusively  ....

I have changed to Raptr because Playfire its a bad-tracking web. On this way... :/

We don't believe that everyone plays PC games exclusively. However, trying to cater to everyone is kind of difficult, if not impossible. We're already stretched thin with everything we're trying with PC, let alone trying to throw in the consoles. Currently, there are a lot of things we need to work on and unfortunately, consoles are not on that path. 

The Witcher 2 downloaded it on mi Xbox 360, I have played more than 20 hours, no game/time/achievements-tracking... 

Sorry Verun, but this way is a "kik in the ass" to all PS3/Xbox360 Raptr gamers...